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What is it with parents dressing their kids in matching clothing? Don’t they realise it’s CHILD ABUSE?? I’m the eldest and Shaun and Liam are my brothers.  We live our own lives now but we’re still good mates. Shaun is a home dad and professional artist (he did the graphics in my novel Burning Eddy). Liam has lived every school boy’s dream – has been a policeman and a pilot.

We used to set up mini Olympic events in the street, using our pool and a couple of hurdles we found in the skip at the back of the high school. Run around the block in our togs, (us and our horde of summertime mates) jump the hurdles with legs like lead then swim a full length (ten metres) of the pool. We thought we invented the term ‘tent pole’ to describe a stiffy in a pair of speedos. We definitely invented the term ‘bone lazy’. That’s when you lie on the hot footpath after a swim and just pee. The concrete squealed if you listened close enough. So did my mates if it trickled on to them.

The biggest events in my childhood were the trip we took up the East Coast in our sky blue VW Combi and shifting to Yinnar South. I had my seventh birthday in August 1975, in the sun. I had my thirteenth birthday in August 1981 in the bush. In the rain. I remember.

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