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Dad is a semi-retired draftsman and used to work with the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. The front tyre of his motor bike popped on the way to work one day and took all the skin off his leathers. We spent long summers at Venus Bay yelling ‘SHARK!’ for kicks and digging pipis with our toes. He’s a good man and still a huge part of my life. I know I got lucky there.

Mum is a retired Diversional Therapist who specialised in distracting old people but when I was a kid she did exercises with my friends’ mums in the garage at the back of Cam St. She had a sauna and a vibrating belt and a tan lamp with little red goggles you had to wear. Mum works hard at making everybody’s world a better place and always has. I’ll be right if I get half of her community spirit.

Mum and dad are good together. They’ve been married longer than I’ve been alive … believe it or not … and they still love each other to bits. They’re addicted to line dancing and country music but I wouldn’t hold that against them. They laugh a lot and sometimes smacked my bum as I was growing up, but only when I’d earned it. They are loving, supportive and encouraging and totally unsuitable for fiction.

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