Merrick Hilton’s done a runner. His folks think he’s studying but the real world has been calling for years and he can’t ignore it any longer. A postie bike, a bedroll and a big sky. That’s all he needs.

‘Whatever I needed, they said.

Well, this is what I need.

Not just the air moving around my body and the sweet grey road to anywhere, but the chance to shed a thousand expectations and jump off the hamster wheel of my life.’

But there’s no telling how he’ll handle the rough stuff, and in the real world nothing goes entirely as planned. Thankfully Victor – the old bloke he meets on the road – knows a thing or two about broken postie bikes. And broken hearts. Will Merrick survive roadkill, stolen oranges and an unexpected romance? There’s only one way to find out.

Changing Gear is for those of us who are looking for meaning beyond the screens. It is for teenagers who are tired of school. Above all else, Changing Gear is for young people who doubt the dream they’ve been sold by the media, the education system and the culture at large.