We’re sorry.

Sorry for everything.

Sorry our invading fathers pretended you didn’t exist. That was an ignorant colonial lie.

Sorry our ancestors killed you like animals. Sorry for the poisoned flour, the hangings, the massacres. The countless years of violence. The disease.

Sorry for stealing your homes, your hope, your women.

We’re so sorry for stealing your children.

We’re sorry we didn’t listen. We’re sorry we closed our hearts to your vast wisdom and knowledge of the land.

We’re sorry we burned your culture.

We squirm and try to hide from our past but our past will not be hidden.

You didn’t die, you grew stronger. Sport, art, culture, politics. Every step of the way you remind us of our past.

Your pride reminds us of our shame.

We give you land (your land) and money and hope the pain will go away but it doesn’t.

Not without sorry.