Gary Sleep had given up on school and shortly before giving up on life altogether, his step-dad landed him a job with a plumbing firm in their home town of Mullet Head.  It takes a while for Gary to get used to 6:30am alarms and silent half-hour lunch breaks.  What he pines for most about his school days are the morning bongs he’d shared with his best mate, Ash. Ash and Gary met in primary school.  Ash will finish VCE and probably study journalism.  Ash has an opinion about everything, is politically radioactive and believes soapies are the root of all evil.  She also loves horse riding and all-girl indie grunge bands.

Kevin Daly is a plumber with P. and L. Wasser Pty Limited.  A big hirsute man with a sun bleached mop and cavernous bum crack.  Kevin lives on five acres on the outskirts of Mullet Head with his wife (Maureen) and daughter (Vanessa).  Kevin has lost a son.  He swims in the surf every morning before work and grows the best carrots in Mullet Head.

Kevin doesn’t want an assistant.

Gary doesn’t want to be one.

If The Legend of Kevin the Plumber has a message, it’s about heart.  Finding heart in yourself in the face of adversity.  Finding heart in the work you do and the people you meet.  Fixing broken hearts. 

With silicone.