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A sequel to One Dead Seagull, another romp with Wayne and his mates, that’s White Ute Dreaming.

‘Some dogs are hoons and they hurl abuse at all the cars that go past. Some dogs are hippies, blissing out on all the freedom with their ears flapping against their head and letting off big tracers of dribble that run down the side of the car at traffic lights. They get stoned on it. Ernie is the seasoned traveller.’

Dogs have a good life. Can pee where they want, never have to go to school. Never fall out of love. Never know what it’s like to have their world turned upside down. Wayne’s dog, Ernie, has golden hair, needle teeth and should never be left alone with the chickens.

‘White Ute Dreaming is an absorbing, honest and thoughtful novel and will be popular with teenagers-and adults’ Gail Mahon, AUSTRALIAN BOOKSELLER AND PUBLISHER March 2002